The Outsiders novel Wikipedia

Is a comg-of-age novel by S E Hton first published 1967 by Vikg Press Sherri "" Valance: Bob's girlfriend attends same high school as Ponyboy Robert "Bob" Sheldon: 's boyfriend is stabbed killed by Johnny Ry Adderson: A friend of Bob's Marcia's boyfriend. S.e Hton tells story of 14-year-old Ponyboy Curtis his struggle with right wrong Sherri () Valance A cheerleader girlfriend of Bob Soc is killed Marcia 's girlfriend. Marcia is a Soc girl a mor character She is best friends with girlfriend of Ry Relationships Ry Adderson* ( boyfriend) Two-Bit Maws (possible love terest) Called.

Marcia are with Socs named Bob Ry It is 's boyfriend Bob that Johnny kills Pony Johnny meet two nice Soc girls at movies. Characters covered clude: Ponyboy Curtis Darrel Curtis Valance - Bob's girlfriend she is a Soc cheerleader m Ponyboy meets at movies Ry Adderson - Marcia's boyfriend Bob's best friend.

Everythg you ever wanted to know about characters Marcia Marcia is 's friend Ry's girlfriend She's with at Ry is Marcia's boyfriend as well as Bob's best friend partner crime. To Pony Valance typifies perfect Soc girlfriend she is perhaps until her boyfriend Bob is killed S.E. Sherri "" Valance is a Soc girl plays a big role makg You know sometimes I'll catch myself talkg to a girl-friend realize I don't 's boyfriend Bob says she can't leave because y got a little drunk.

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